Fao Dblue (regarding The Timestretch)

I love this little effect you’ve made for ages and wondered if it uses the same math as an akai would timestretch its samples, so just a basic oldschool granular method huh?

I don’t know the exact details of AKAI’s time stretching since I have never actually researched it in detail (never used one either)… but yes, my own plugin uses a very simple granular method, with cross-fading between the edges of each grain. Nothing fancy, but it does the job. :)

PS. It’s perhaps a little bit rude to use the Renoise support forum to ask me technical questions about my own projects. Please contact me through my website in the future if you need to.

ahright ok, thanks dblue!

The AKAI S1000 timestretch has an ‘intelligent’ mode which seems to alter the length of every grain throughout the sample, you can get a similar sound with dBlue’s stretch plugin by putting an LFO on the grain size.

So when are you going to integrate your stretcher into Renoise dblue?