[Faq] Renoise 2.1 Vs 2.5

Q: Where is the Focus lock icon?
A: The icon is gone, go instead to the top menubar View -> Lock Keyboard focus

Q: What happened to the focus shortcut?
A: A shortcut for the keybboard focus no longer is available, the old F8 key is now assigned to view preset button 8.

Q:Where is the edit-Step?
A:The edit step can now be found in the bottom bar of the pattern editor just as with all the other pattern editor related stuff:

Q:Shift-[press chord] does no longer seem to work?
A: This has become easier, to insert a chord, just press the first key, then follow with the rest keeping them all pressed. You have your other hand to do other things now.

Q:The most left icon “SingleTrack view” does not seem to work…
A:Single Track view only works when the Pattern Matrix is visible. Toggle the “PM” button in the sequencer to make it available and witness the single track view mode.

Q: Where did the Panic button go?
A: The panic option is hidden under the stop-button. Click it twice to panic. You can as well assign a keyboard shortcut to panic mode if you want a one-press solution. (Global -> Transport -> Panic)

Q: Where are the catch instrument / Autocapture instrument buttons?
A: In the Options menu on the titlebar you can find them back. You can as well still use the shortcut Shift+[enter] to capture the current instrument nearby.

Q: Where are the mute / solo buttons and where is the autosolo?
A: Mute has the shortcut “” and the solo has the shortcut ctrl + “”, for autosolo you can use the alt+"" key. The autosolo has been moved to the Options menu in the titlebar.

Q: Can i load my 2.5 songs in older versions of Renoise?
A: No, if you are working on Renoise 2.1 or older songs in 2.5, you have to save them under a different name if you want to conserve the older copy of your song.

Q: Where did some of my shortcuts go?

More to come (altered by the team)… don’t hesitate to submit your own…

Q: Can I leave the 2.1 installed and install the 2.5 beta alongside it?
A: Yes! They can both be installed simultaneously. As you might expect, 2.5 sessions will not open in 2.1

I would rather phrase that as:
Q: Are Renoise 2.5 songs downwards compatible with Renoise 2.1 and lower?
A: No, you can only load <=2.1 songs into 2.5, however once you save them in 2.5, you no longer can load them back into 2.1. Hacking the song.xml version number will not help you either as the xml parameter structure is in various areas completely different from the old format.

What’s happened to the solo button

Right-click the track scope.

(Or use the Mixer View, it has several solo buttons)

… the “Play” button at the head of the column on the pattern editor.

Left-click mutes, right-click solos.

Or use the shortcuts: “” for mute and ctrl + “” for solo.

also people, don’t forget to turn save backup back on. well, if you want that is. It’s just this new beta starts off with it not being on.

Well, I can’t download the new release–I need to get a new license and I can’t afford it at this time…

I needed to say though:

This is a horrible idea to disable the shift option on this. Computer keyboards usually can only have certain combinations. Basically, if one is only using a computer keyboard, the chord functionality has just been destroyed by this new version. Not everyone has a usb-based keyboard.

Well, I went and got it anyway even though my finances are pretty tight. And indeed, the option still works that way. Cool. (Sometimes I use a MIDI keyboard and sometimes I don’t).

I’ve never used the solo button because it won’t restore muted tracks, unless I’m missing a tip here.

Is that possible, to solo a track, then de-solo, restoring the muted tracks ?

Most of the time I use send tracks to manually mute other tracks for a solo.

Edit: Nevermind, note column mutes is good for this as well, I never thought of using it along with soloing tracks.

me wants me solo-button back on the mainview :(

yeah i quite liked that solo button, but i’m sure i’ll get used to not having it now i know the shortcut!!

If you learn the shortcuts, you will be much less hurt when buttons disappear.
Really most buttons are just there for users who have to adjust from working with the mouse to the keyboard. But frankly i consider it a bad habit using the mouse too much in a program that dwells with shortcuts.
Fortunately, most shortcuts can be remapped if they are not convenient at one hand.

What is column mute? And are you saying you’re using this feature to get around the problem of unsoloing a track also unmuting everything else?

You have the “Blue” play icon on top of the track and the “grey” play icon. The grey toggles the subcolumn mute mode.

Haha, that’s crazy. My eye had completely failed to notice this grey “Play” until now.

Ah beautiful, it retains the muted status even when unsoloing!