Farbrausch Releases The V2

:blink: man… you must be lagging the scene since a LONG time! :lol:
You should see what they can do with Amiga today

OMG!! It was a long time I saw a demo, but I kinda dropped that when 3D cards got very fast and I lost interest in it… But ALL that stuff in 64k!! Amazing!!

for all of you being interested in more audiovisualized candies, here’s a brief list of my personal favourites
(most of these prods are recent titles ranging from 2002-2004)

Moppi Productions - ASM '04 Invitiation
(much more than just an invitation, the music by sumo lounge is simply gorgeous.

Farbrausch - Zeitmaschine
(great prod. great visuals & sync. awesome psytrance soundtrack by paniq)

Kewlers - Variform

Kewlers - We Cell
(the most recent one from kewlers)

Planet Risk - Andromeda Dev.
(bit overloaded, music ain’t my thing but still worth a watch)

MFX - A Deepness In The Sky
(this is a MUST have if you like detroitish/monotone techno. wicked show)

Kewlers - A Significant Deformation Near The Cranium
(Little Bitchard’s soundtrack itself deserves the mentioning)

Einklang - Medium
(stylewise similar to “a deepness in the sky”, but still unique. features mixed vinyls by adam beyer, thomas krome, etc.)

Kewlers & MFX - X-Mix 2004: Ion Traxx
(an attempt to imitate the flair of the famous X-MIX videos. nice one.)

Suspend - The S
(great visuals. okay’ish music. still a great prod.)

Kewlers - Protozoa
(absolutely topnotch. if the music was commercially available, i’d buy it.)

Farbrausch - Theta
(the latest FR release - concept, idea, graphics and music by ex TDR mate paniq. not the best release they made, but still worth a watch.)

Fairlight - Come Clean

k, that’s enough. =)

Xcellent linkage Keith :)
Paniq’s Zeitmaschine r0X! :lol: xpecially on a good soundsystem.
(Not to mention on my new Fostex PM05) :yeah:

Back to the plugin… would you believe I just can’t get nothing out of it except the default/starting sound? :rolleyes:
As some of you might know, I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to “routing” and MIDI stuff… so “So just treat the V2 like one external MIDI synth and everything should be fine.” is leaving me totally cold :(
I tried to “Send midi CC via patterncommand” but the synth seems not to react at all… where am I doing wrong? :huh:
Keith, what do you mean by

“Switch the gui appropriately” ? :(

yea, it’s devestating my canton ergo’s + yamaha sub on a regular basis, too =)

let’s assume you switch to programm 06 via MIDI CC (see bantai’s explanation) then you will notice, that the actual program has changed and that you get a different sound from the synth BUT V2’s GUI is still showing the patch you had selected before.
now if you want the sliders and to affect the sound of patch 06 (which you set via MIDI CC) you have to switch the GUI to patch 06 accordingly.
to do that, just go ahead in the usual way you’d switch programms/patches (via renoise’s integrated VSTi patch browser).

works for me so far. the only thing being pretty tricky is the speech synth.
it only works on midi channel 16, which is not a problem, but understanding how to actually make it speak something reasonable seems to be a hard task…
didn’t succeed making that synth swear after 30 minutes… but i’m on it =)

Whooaaa - This thing by good ol’ Kebby really rocks. First, I had the same problem, switching the sounds but after I knew how to handle that, it almost works perfect for me.

Did anybody here have success in letting the V2 sing-a-song?

Ok everyone… I don’t know why but when I had that attempt the plugin wasn’t responsive at all. Trying in another moment it worked. I was able to change sound… now my only problem is that I have some out-of-place driver that’s hard-resetting my pc when I start to work on Renoise… :(

:lol: :lol:

Kb/Farbrausch did :lol: :P

Renoise did a full crash, when I accidently unzipped the VST and BUZZ-dll of Farbrausch V2.

After removing the config-files and deleting the BUZZ-DLLs, everything worked as it should…

I’ll contact him…

Dopefish: Have you downloaded and executed “CANDYTRON” as linked in my prev post? If you have, you know what I mean.
They are the group who created the plugin… and they have basicly developed it for their own use, initially… so get Candytron and witness by yourself the great job done with the speech function :D

I’ll try that… but I haven’t installed the buzz plugin anywhere… :(
is the “config” file you mentioned the “v2edit.dle” files coming with the VSTi install?

No. I renamed the Renoise config.xml and the CachedVSTs.xml, so that Renoise had to rescan all devices (and I had to set up my personal keyboard layout again :blink: )

After that, Renoise worked 100%.

That worked with Full 1.281 and the Beta3 of 1.5. I don’t know how older releases will deal with that.

Ah, ok… you’re talking about the “VSTfx-instead-of-VSTi” problem, do I get it right?
Weird point, I had no problem in having Renoise to see it as a VSTi… :huh:

No, Renoise simply screwed up and refused to start. After re-creating the Renoise-Config-Files everything worked fine.

Hmm. I still do not get this V2 to talk.

Indeed this is one of the weirdest plugins I’ve seen so far :D
I sincerely hope that Kb will consider putting hands on it some more to round those corners…

hehe nice demoscene related discussion : )

keith’s list contain really the best demos available, maybe i’d add other demos by moppi like ix or gerbera… and maybe some kolor demos : ))

to be OT… that synth is just wonderful, i was standing for sample based soundtracks for 64k intros… but just only to the time das produkt was released : )))

so i can say this is simply a breakthrough, just like when fairlight released minifmod…

I still have no Clue how to get this thing talking for me… :(

that’s not an easy task to do, i didn’t make it either until now.
the only thing i managed to obtain from the speech engine are some really NICE sounding choirs.
but to make it speak and pronounce actual words/phrases is “tricky”, to say the least… =)

Okay. Update:

I managed to let V2 say stuff like dzmp and zish and grrg. Nevertheless these are no real words especially because I entered “dopefish” as the word, V2 has to say…

To archieve speaking (and singing) is a mixture of program changes (Pan-Column, FX-Column) and CC+Automation but I am not sure, yet.

hi there

so far i got it to work but with SEVERAL instances of the synth. what happens when i use only ONE instance is that if i use several 92 xxyy in several channels, he will use the last patch that the midi command told it to use. also, in the synth gui, everything is playing on channel 1. so maybe that’s the problem.

i’ve tried to use midi routing - or whatever that is… eheh - so it would change midi channels, but without success.

i’m puzzeld :blink:

AFAIK nobody (except KB <_< ) managed the singing… Weird…

So, you have forced V2 to say some “dzmp and zish and grrg” ?
It’s because you need to use special phoneme syntaxis
Sadly don’t know which phoneme codes exactly used for V2…

But i remember C64 speech program called “SAM” (Semi Automatic Mouth)
Here is some example of phoneme codes:

  1. SAY"MAY4 NEYM IHZ SAE4M." (phoneme string, immediate mode)
  2. 10 SAY “MY NAME IS SAM.” (English string, deferred mode)

Maybe it helps … Hope so

btw: SAM’s manual