Farbrausch V2 Bluscreens Xp On Unload

Farbrausch V2 bluescreen+reboots my Windows XP when I unload it, by quitting Renoise, by loading any other song, by changing the last remaining Farbrausch VST slot to something else…

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, could you tell if this is a Renoise issue or a plugin issue?

BSODs are hardware/driver related issues.

Hmm. The hardware is new. I switched to DirectSound from Asio4all, that fixed the BSOD. But, Renoise still froze as it has before BSOD’ing.

Any thoughts?

I remember that there was a nasty GDI bug in Farbrausch 2 on XP, which always crashes as soon as you:

  • Opened the Farbrausch VST editor
  • Closed it
  • Released the VST (Closed Renoise / Loaded a new Song)

This could even cause a blue screen with some GFX cards.

This got fixed some when by them, but I don’t know if they ever released this fixed update. Which version of Farbrausch are you running?

It’s version 1.5 (from http://www.1337haxorz.de/products.html)).

I doubt it’s GDI-related, since opening/closing the editor works just fine.

I’ve pinpointed an added criteria for the hang to occur: I must have at least 2 instances of Farbrausch V2 loaded, before New Song / load another song crashes. (If manually releasing them [ie. changing the VSTi to None for each], the hang only happens on the last one.)

If I only ever loaded one instance, and then release that by loading a song/new song/change slot to None, there is no hang.