Farbrausch V2 Plugin

Hi there,

got some serious problem with the farbrausch vst plugin.

For some reasons it doesnt change the program number of the instruments.

I readed the readme coming with the plugin and it says: just treat the plugin as a midi-device …

I guess i have to use the Midi-CC meta device for it, but how do i know, which cc# i need for program change ( kinda noob in midi things tho ).

Anyone get this thing to work and how ?

Any help is VERY appreciated.



the V2 is such a wonderful synth, but lacks the comfort of switching presets the way you do with all the other synths.

you have to open the panning column for the track you want the V2 to play in.
then enter a note in the first row, enter “92” in the panning column and the last four digits of the effect column represent the program/preset number.

for example (assuming that the V2 is instrument 03):
C-4 03 … 92 0006


will switch to preset #6 of the V2.
when changing programs, you have to wait a moment until the V2 has actually performed the switch - you wont have audio the first time you hit the play button.
so when entering a different program number, hit the play pattern/song button, wait a second and then hit it again and you should hear the sound of the selected preset.

have fun, the V2 rules - because it sounds like no other and is really easy on the CPU because it was written for realtime usage to accompany 3D visuals, where CPU resources are crucial.

wow mate thank you very much !

working so far, and yes, its kinda friggle with this plugin.

One more question, did u ever got this ‘speech-thing’ to work ?



I got very close but the plugin was just talking gibberish :)

Btw: A complete discussion about Renoise and the V2 can be found here in the board