Fast-paced rhythm videogame music

Here is a game music I have been working on recently:

Below is the description I wrote for it on SoundCloud. I was wondering whether you guys think I hit the marks with this one, and whether it is a good fit for a rhythm game:

The melody bits have to constantly change, because it helps player to remember when particular enemies and obstacles show up, and it also marks progress and motivates to keep going. The game is very difficult and you need to perfectly synchronize your movements with what is happening on the screen (think Super Hexagon or Geometry Dash), so the distinct rhythm of this music helps with it a lot.

It also has some calm parts. Those parts of the game will have fewer enemies so that player can take a few seconds rest before the next wave of enemies show up.


EDIT: “fast-paced”, not “fast-peaced” :wink: Apparently it’s not possible to edit topic.

Sounds intense! I like it even outside of the context of the game. I’ve never played the games you mentioned as being similar to the one you’re working on, so I’m not sure if this would work in terms of gameplay. Nice tune either way.

Nice very cool. :slight_smile:

Feels like a science fiction action movie. :slight_smile:

Apparently it’s not possible to edit topic.

I fixed it for you. Another time, you can edit the topic title using Edit > Use Full Editor.

Thanks for your comments HeartBeatHero and orrigans. I’m glad to hear that you liked it, and that it sounds good even out of the context of the game.

Thanks danoise for fixing the topic typo :slight_smile: Somehow I didn’t notice that “Use Full Editor” option

This sounds perfect for the genre. From the description I thought it might be even more varied, but everything here sounds like it belongs together in the same track, so it’s not too eclectic or messy.

Fuckin’ killer job! Made me think of Einhander for the OG playstation. Although, your sound is not out-dated. It has a cyber-punk, high-tech low-life kinda vibe in the arpeggios. The beat sounds great and driving. The squirmy lead that comes in around the 1 min mark reminds me of PPLo(another renoise user). I feel like the song is telling me to get the highscore.

I feel like blasting shit and taking 1st place.

Thanks SynthisterNation and Sam for your comments. You really made my day :slight_smile: It’s great to hear it when people like your music. And it’s nice to hear that the music fits the genre, too. Thanks again! I will check out your music on SoundCloud this weekend to see what you guys are up to :slight_smile: