Fast Tracker 2 Keyboard Shortcuts

I was a heavy FT2 user “last century” and I was very pleased when I recently discovered Renoise. In the 1.8 demo, I noticed that you can customize and even import keyboard layouts. I was wondering if anyone here has already spent the time and energy to recreate the FT2 keyboard shortcuts in Renoise. I’ve grown so used to them and still remember them perfectly, it would be great to just be able to import them and start tracking! :)

Renoise keyboard configuration is vastly based on FT2’s. What is exactly your problem with the default keyboard configuration?

Personally, the only change I make is to assign editstep add/sub to “” (the key on the left of “1” key) and “lef-shift+” respectively. The rest I keep unchanged (apart from the “FT2 mode” for start&stop, which I just can’t get rid of)

It’s an old post, but here is the set I’ve created, based off of FT2’s keyboard shortcuts.

old habits die hard.

FTish Keyboard Shortcuts For Renoise