Fasttracker II clone


Why not write you own simple tracker to your own specification? If you can’t…learn (you might get more out of computing)? Maybe use 8bitbubsy code as a starting point? Then you’ll start to get an idea just how difficult/tricky and the problems developers face to try and find solutions to (what non programmers/general users think) are straightforward things. People don’t see the bigger picture, only focused on what they want and only focused on what they want to see/hear. I can tell you that what 8bitbubsy has written is difficult and hard work, I take my hat off.

(Jalex) #22

Emmmmm… Np its just reflections. Good luck.

(Conner_Bw) #23
/* nibbles cheat codes can only be typed in while holding down left SHIFT+CTRL+ALT */
/* during game: "S", "K", "I", "P" (skip to next level) */
/* not during game: "T", "R", "I", "T", "O", "N" (enable infinite lives) */