Fatal Segfault At Dot Forget

So, another track from me, set in a darker mood. Feedback appreciated :)

Thanks! And yeah, I’m a bit of a whore in regards to reverb :( I do miss some kind of mute track/DSP disable automation features in Renoise, which would make what you’re saying just a tad easier ;)

And Squarepusher’s awesome (just checked it out)!

XF00 = Turn DSP off
XFFF = Turn DSP on

X = number of DSP in the chain
So, first DSP in the chain = 1FFF to turn it ON and 1F00 to turn it OFF


Oh, thanks a lot! That’ll definitely come in handy :) Anything for muting tracks completely, though? I’ve noticed that, even if I turn off a track completely using automation (track volume), track DSPs still output or something along those lines.

you can also use the right mouse button on the dsp (on/off), this puts xf00/xf01 directly into the actuall pattern position.
maybe something was changed but it`s not xf00/xfff in renoise 2.5 RC1. its xf00/xf01 = off/on.

you can mute single tracks in the matrix editor, just use alt+Lmb.

Use a Gainer device at the end of the chain and set it’s level to -infinity. Muting using the Matrix still leaves the tails of sounds.

yeah this was trippy… sounds like fun, nice tricks you do… perhaps the reverb wasnt needed all the time.

Oh, I see! :rolleyes: Will be useful, especially in my other tracks :)