"favorite" buttons

my “favourite” choises doesent work when i restart renoise…

how do i make them to stay?

to store a favourite setting, navigat through the path you want to be set, then right-click on the number where to store the path.

if it doesn’t save the path… well… something is definately going wrong on your HD… !!! :o

this info are saved in config.xml anyway

i guess it’s something wrong with my computer then :o

anyone else with the same problem?

i solved the problem.
i had 3 renoise installed on the same harddrive ( 2 betas and the fullversion)
apparently that was the problem.

does renoise remember other settings (like fullscreen / windowed mode) ?

if not, the config.xml file might be copyprotected or somehow broken.

just delete it then, and re-configure your renoise.

i deleted the config.xml as you told me

button number one still doesent work, but number two does.


could you please try to set the “1” favourite, quit renoise, and send me your config.xml ?

renoise 1.2 has a known problem restoring directories that contain special letters like ÄÖ or something like this. maybe this is the problem ?
this is already fixed for 1.21.

i suspected that the letters ÄÖ could couse some problem.

i guess i have to rename my folders