Favorite instrument

(BpZ) #1

What is your favorite instrument at renoise library?
My is SMagic at drum set library.

(Zer0 Fly) #2


(BpZ) #3

This is a sample :neutral_face:

(dblue) #4

@danoise’s “Wide Vision” (found under Bundled Content > Synths) still blows my mind to this day. Great sound design and use of the maYbe command to generate lovely tones and harmonies that constantly evolve in unexpected ways. I loved featuring it in my “Tension” demo song, and it’s hard not to use it over and over again in new projects :slight_smile:

(BpZ) #5

Wow danoise are very clever!!! I sapose smagic mede from him…maYbe are the hard gan of renoise I"m sure:wink: