Favorites Lists

I’ve noticed a couple of other people mention the fact that you always have to scroll through every single vst or automation effect to find the one you need. Would it be hard to set up a favorites list, so you could right click on the vst/parameter and add/remove it from a user defined list. The you would be able to switch betwwen viewing your “favorites” and “all” available vsts/parameters.

A folder type view would help for vsts, but still wouldn’t solve the parameter problem.

yeah, ive been posting (and many people did so) about implementing feature like that for more than year…

now im starting to lose my faith : /

  • a lit. search box (vst related )

its seems to be the hardest step for the devs to get
a clear view throu all these expressed improvements and innovations.
imo: the biggest rock will be the whole planning- and discussion- debate
(rns- dev. team internal)
let’s hope that they spare a bit of their nerves… we all know very good how much that could enervates you.

In a similar vein - I’d like to make it easier to hop around sample folders…

EDIT: They already did! Shocking - Exactly as I envisaged it… Okay, better…

I’d ALSO quite like the ability to audition samples using the cursor keys - Or some other keys - To scroll through, up & down - Just to make life quicker and easier… As it is, it’s often click, click, click, scroll, click, click, etc…