Favourite Beers

In my top list of beers I would say;
Budvar, Staropramen, Becks and San Miguel (I quite like my Czech beers).
What about you guys?

  1. Mythos
  2. San Miguel
  3. Hertog Jan

delerium tremens
gulden draak
la chouffe
cheap ass ‘cara’ for refreshment (this is verry cheap ,disgusting beer …the more you drink of it the better it gets )
( yep I’m from belgium :)

As a matter of fact …I mostly enjoy these

sometimes gordon

I enjoy Ceres Royal Export (the single danish beer with some character)

Good old mythos forgot about that had that so many times in greece, oh and amstel premium

I can’t arrange them in an order because I prefer different beers on different occassions.

Corona Extra (Really dig this on hot days inside a bar)
Hoegarden (Really dig this on hot days outside a bar)
Strongbow (great before speeddrinking)

Yeah hoegaarden how could I forget that one , add a slice of lemon :dribble:

For me it’s Köstritzer, even created a Virb group for it. :D


My favorite are Quebec beers, La fin du monde, La maudite, and Blanche De Chambly, Boreale, and Cheval Blanc (this is my favorite but i can’t find a link to the beers they sell in the stores, just the microbew pub near the bus station which is awesome too).

If that’s not available, I’m OK with Sleemans, Corona, or Grolsch.

woa quite a lot of renoise users like their beers then, wonder if there are any wine drinkers or do you think thats just violinsts and poets

is Newcastle “the UK’s Budweiser”?

Newcasle brown? I think the most common drinks over here in the Uk are probably fosters, carling and carlsburg not many nice beers here :(

I was on a concert at saturday. There was some band there which came from US tour. The solist said from stage: “It’s good to be in estonia… blah blah blah… And it’s specially good that we are drinking real Estonian beer not the piss they call Budweiser in America.”

Either way most beers taste the same to me. But I generally prefer Saku Rock and A le Coq Special.

Budvar is so much nicer it was the original with a much nicer taste but the Americans stole part of the name and copied it making alterations which were for the worse

Staropramen, Becks is okay for me, too. But I like JEVER and Köstritzer :)

Jupiler ftw! The best belgian pils (yes i’m from Belgium)

The stronger beers I like are:

And last but not least: Blonde Leffe, which is localy known as ‘blonde bitches’. is Nice!
‘So wanna do some blonde bitches tonight?’ :D

Oh and i also enjoy Hoegaarden, tho it’s more a drink for women here.

Furthermore i dont know what beers to add, or (to be more precise) i dont remember.
Many good beers here in Belgium.

oh and gentleclockdivider, ye i also often enjoy the cheap cara for when the beer at the party is too expensive. :D

And heineken or guiness are the worst beers IMO.

Just gotta get used to guinness …because of the lack of CO2 …which means no bubbles in y’r beer …but they do give you one of the finest hangovers :)

Jever is a good choice too, but Becks? Way to thin tasting for my likings.

Dark Island, a dark ale brewed in the Orkney Isles (just north of Scotland).

leffe - erdinger - staropramen - heineken - coors light - stella - red stripe - becks - duval - kwak etc etc for lager style beers but in england it’s always best to go for cider, perry or ale because there are about a million brewerys - its cheaper and stronger - and tastes better too… i’d recommend anything from bath ales, butcombe, westons - i could go on…