Favourite colour?

I’d say mine’s probably blue.


Mine is yellow


~Dufey (sucking up to the smileys)

Mine is also blue, I have blue lighting around my computer, and for some reason really like the look of blue glass :P

RGB :)

I use the “Vintage” theme which is really good! Check it out if you haven’t already…


Favourite color: 457090 :rolleyes:

Green! No, purple! Green!! Purple!! Green!!! Purple!!! wham smack bang

…any B5 fans here…? :P

BTW. Green.

my favourite color is green.


I said GREEN!!


what the…

@ it-alien
:lol: :lol: :lol:

My favourite Renoise theme is “Smooth Purple”…
It’s not perfect but it’s the ideal base to start tweak in my fav colors…

I’d say anything from black to white, staying grey. :D
I like those because they’re not involved, it’s flat. I love black and white…

I’m sorry, black & white are no colours :huh:

huh?! :blink:

Parsec, please write a long phylosophycal post about this :unsure: :lol: :rolleyes:

yeah sure…