FB01 / TX81Z feedback - I want your guess!!

I need to vent something:

I’ve made a load of synth editors over the years… each month I get 50+ youtube messages and emails about people wanting to test my software.Having spent months making them, understanding ludicrus SYSEX messages and building a gui I put the FB01 and TX81Z editors up for testing.

I’ve now emailed the software to over 200 people, can you guess how many people have actually given me feedback??



you’e both in the right ballpark

you’e both in the right ballpark

So 2?

collectivley you are exactly right

I had intended to make the software for free…fuck that !!

That sounds about on par for the level of appreciation you get for doing good things and giving the results away for free online. I know from hard experience of my own. And just yesterday there was a thread on the Reaper forums by the guy who did the Sonatina orchestral sample library, he’s tentatively working on a new version, and when someone made a suggestion for how the new version should be done, he went off on a rant about how few donations and how little feedback he got for the original Sonatina project.

He says he, optimistically, has made around $100 in donations since releasing the original Sonatina circa 2009. And the Sonatina orchestra is Internet-famous among people who work with samples and samplers, everyone has heard of it and very, very many people have used it. I’ve used it a lot, even made Renoise instruments out of most of it, and never donated or even sent a “thanks” to the guy either (until I saw that thread yesterday, that is), so I’m no better. In my own defense, and this probably applies to others, having visited the Sonatina homepage, it felt like an abandoned project, as though the guy finished it, dropped it online, and forgot about it. There was no visible evidence that the producer was still behind the scenes actively looking for donations and thanks, so there’s that.

So, it’s a sad comment on people’s internet etiquette, but even a project as relatively high-profile as Sonatina gets almost no constructive feedback and virtually no donations despite the fact that probably tens of thousands of people have actively used it and it took a lot of work to make.

If you’re going to release anything for free online, you have to do it with the expectation that you’ll get nothing out of it other than perhaps the mostly silent appreciation of the end-users (which is nice but won’t buy you a coffee). One approach that seems to (sort of) work is to do blog format, like the bedroomproducersblog guy, and constantly release and link to freebies every day to keep people coming back to your site looking for them (thereby also seeing ads you sell space for). I’d love to know just how much revenue the bedroomproducer guy makes from his site. At any rate it’s a good idea to give him a heads-up when you release something free, he’ll sometimes do a feature article on it and then it gets a lot of attention (for a day or so, anyway).

Edit: BTW, OP, there’s a guy out there who’s had some success selling VST interfaces for several synths, you might want to check out his business model if you intend to start charging for what you’ve made, his page is: http://www.vst-control.de/

This is the Reaper post:http://forum.cockos.com/showpost.php?p=1660989&postcount=11

Yeah, no good deed goes unpunished. Sort of.

I’ve released a bunch of free software, and have been running ruby-doc.org for over 10 years.

I’ve gotten a handful of thank you, which I truly appreciate. I’ve also gotten some number of cranky complaints. If something’s broken, great, thanks, I’ll fix it. But if you have a personal dislike for what I’m doing? Not my problem.

People are funny. When I meet people who code in Ruby and they find out I run the documentation site they’re typically super nice and full of thanks. But in general people seem more willing to email complaints than praise.

If you’re going to release anything for free online, you have to do it with the expectation that you’ll get nothing out of it other than perhaps the mostly silent appreciation of the end-users (which is nice but won’t buy you a coffee).

Yep. But it’s still cool; I see it as a way to pay back, indirectly, for all the help and free code and stuff I’ve gotten over the years.

I’d love to know just how much revenue the bedroomproducer guy makes from his site.

If you’re referring to Graham Cochrane and Recording Revolution:


He seems to be doing alright.

cool, but I want F1SR: http://www.vintagesynth.com/yamaha/fs1r.php

  • Polyphony - 32 (without Filter) / 16 (with Filter)
  • Oscillators - Digital FM synthesizer with 16 Operators (8 Voiced, 8 Unvoiced) 88 algorithms
  • #Instruments - 4-part multitimbral
  • LFO - 2 LFO
  • Filter - Dynamic Resonant physically modeled 12/18/24dB/oct low/band/hi pass filter (AN1x type)

Yeah one of the comments I got was about my “terrible customer service” I subsequently got trolled because I asked if English was his native language - it was a genuine question!

I’ve come to the conclusion that either the software is perfect and the users are busy using it and making music with it with no issues…or its so bad they deleted it immediately.

Thanks for the heads up on the software editors, I’ll email the bloke who runs it

Make it “feedback-ware” - you have to send a genuine feedback in order to use it 100%. :wink:

But yeah, this happens everywhere. You only hear from people when something is really bad or completely broken. I used to work at the front-desk at a newspaper and the only time people called/mailed/e-mailed/sent carrier-pigeons was when either the paper wasn’t delivered or when something was wrong in one of the articles. Never a “good job” or “nice writing”.

This is why I try to give good feedback to the ones responsible for stuff/services I use. Or even feedback in general about things I’ve noticed and thinks could be better. However, I don’t do it as often as I should.

That sounds like a good idea! Maybe the first version I send is time-limited and says please email me with feedback for the unlimited version

thats so crazy it just might work…

Then again I could just sell it as it is :mellow:

On the other hand, some developers/creators just don’t give a f about what you think. They’re either A) not interested or B )blatantly ignoring you. Example: Company X have a website with a forum. You think “Great! I can give some feedback about their product” only to get 389232 answers saying that they don’t read/look at the forum… ever. Like wut?

Hint: Company X is NOT the Renoise-team.

I have avoided feedback on freebies out of some kind of self critical I know nothing thing.
I really had not considered the silence on a developers end could be so deafening.
You have inspired me to at the least send a thank you to the developers of the gear I use for free.
I would also be happy to give any feedback to anyone here too, despite my fears of limited knowledge.