Feasablilty Of This? Programming Question


iv been making games using Unreal Development Kit and im appauled at the sound system, its very very old and limited in many ways.
i know you can write plugins for renoise, although i never have yet,
and in udk you have something called DLLBind that allows interaction between unreal script (its native language) and an external DLL written in C++.

what are your thaughts on the feasability of linking renoise and udk in this way?

many thanks if anyone replies.

there is no Renoise engine DLL, and you cannot use Renoise scripting for real-time purposes (i.e., on the fly audio generation), so this cannot be made as of Renoise 2.7

Can you please describe exactly what you’re hoping to do here? It’s not very clear from what you’ve said so far.

i see
thank you

udk sound system is not quite as qood as a decent 1980’s sampler.
so i was looking for a way to improve it using some kind of ‘third party’ solution. since i have been using renoise for many years…
just exploring avenues at this point.