Feature Brainstorm

Convert automation to pattern effects

Left mouse held down on a value in pattern, mousewheel up and down to increment/decrement.

  • alternative; hold key combination + mouse to use mouse up and down to alter value
  • alternative; hold key combination + arrowkey up/down for increment/decrement, left/right for multiply by 2

New blank pattern button. Am i crazy or is this not actually in yet? As is it’s insert, then increment. 2 steps should probably be 1.

Adjustable quantize for midi recording, set to grid with floor/ceil/round option.

Expand song while recording option. During recording, with this option checked, once the song hits the end of the last pattern, clone that pattern minus the changes made to it during this recording and keep recording, etc etc.

Separate envelopes for instruments assignable to any DSP in the song.

  • for new blank pattern button