Feature Request for phrases: 0 LPB and Random Offset Per Key Press

This sounds odd, but hear me out:
-Everytime I press a key for an instrument, I want to randomize the offset/phase of a soundwave
-Currently the solution to do this is create a non-repeating phrase that’s single line and uses maYbe commands.
-The problem with this approach is the instrument engine only allows 12 notes to be played. Thus only 12 offsets.
-I would then be forced to create 22 separate phrases with varying offsets

-I would have to create a doofer with a Key Tracker-> LFO → Hydra → Macro configuration. See screenshot.
-There’s no way to jump lines in phrases.

So if I was given power to achieve what I wanting to do, this is what has to happen:
-LPB needs to be 0
-Instrument allows each press to be random on a phrase (not related to random notes or random samples)
-But most importantly you can use this phrase to achieve the goal I’m seeking