Feature Request: Rex/Rx2 Support

Basicly what it says on the tin. I’m pretty annoyed by the fact that I cant load rex/rx2-files into Renoise without using thirdparty software, and even then it’s a bit of a hassle. I’m not interested in support for importing the midi-data associated with the rex-file (the location of each slice on a timeline), but I’m interested in getting the slices loaded up in the sampleslots under a single instrument. Much like if I had loaded a wav-file loop and sliced it manually in Renoise and sent the slices to an individual sampleslot. So, basicly I’m just asking for a way to load rex/rx2-files as samples…

Just to underline the need for this. I have Kontakt 4 - which loads rex/rx2-files, but it doesn’t automatically map the slices to individual notes. I have Cubase 6, which loads rex/rx2-files, but loading a rex/rx2-file into it’s Groove Agent One doesn’t work unless you first bounce each slice into it’s own wav-file… argh…!

Please consider implementering this simple solution in Renoise!

  • Torben
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Definitely +1!

1+1= +2

I havent managed to read full post since I am at work and a bit under pressure, but even energyXT supports Rex files, which are more or less standard for these days…


Sorry to revive this old thread, but since this is the main result for a Google search for “Renoise rx2” I thought I’d share the answer:

https://www.renoise.com/tools/additional-file-format-import-support (Renoise < 3)


Would be cool to have the format input support tool updated.