Feature Request: Select Alot Of Samples And Import

I tried to do this with ST-01 samples. Downloaded from aminet. (just google st-01 and first google result should be right)

It’s really already possible to select ALL or alot of samples in a folder. But you can’t import them all to/as different instruments. I wish here for such a feature (for any kind of importable instrument).
I heard it’s possible for xrni or wav, but for the ST-01 samples (which don’t have any extension for some reason) it doesn’t work.

This would be really helpful, thank you :)

Have you tried:

In your OS browser (Windows Explorer, OSX Finder, …) select all the files.

Drag and drop them onto the right location in Renoise.


Yes I have tried this. It was not possible

This option (Create multi-sample instruments) also allows changing the default behavior when drag and dropping from explorer or finder.

When drag and dropping files from within Renoise’s disk browser, you can either drag it onto the instrument list, which creates multiple instruments, or on the sample list, which creates a multi-sample instrument.

Drag n dropping .xrni worked perfectly and created the instruments just as I was expecting. However, dragging and dropping multiple ST-01 samples didn’t do anything. It gave a (/) icon which implies it isn’t allowed.
You can get the first st-01 pack here: AmiNet ST-01 samplepack

Since the samples do not have any extensions and are a mixture of .IFF and plain old raw data (according to the info on Aminet), Renoise is probably having some trouble figuring out exactly how it should handle them. I would suggest that you first convert the samples to one of the
Supported Formats For Sample Importing before trying to do any serious work with them.

Works perfectly here (WinXP SP3)

Select multiple files with Ctrl/Shift plus click.

Drag into the Instrument area to load each as a separate instrument.

Drag into the sample list in Instrument Settings to load a samples within an instrument.