Feature request: Velocity tracker should able to target sample of inst

I would like to trigger only a bassdrum of a drumkit using the velocity tracker. But it seems to trigger every note of the drumkit, kick, his, snare etc. Or is it possible?

A note range in the velocity tracker would solve the problem.

have a keytracker on the active/bypassed witch on the velocity traker

Thanks gova, I forgot that there is actually a keytracker!

How do I have to configure it, if the bassdrum playson C-4? I set the range from C-4 to C#4 and slider to 0/0. But it triggers also when other notes are played…

I don’t think this would work because even if you got the keytracker to work as planned, the velocity tracker - when active - would react to the note with highest vel-value played in the according line. Maybe I misunderstood you completely, but the only thing I can think of would be to duplicate the drum track serving as a control track. Set it to mute (so it won’t matter if the kit has internal fx) and all colums except the base column to off (so they won’t annoy the velocity tracker). That way you can simply ctrl drag your drum patterns to the ctrl track.

I uploaded a crappy demo beat here just in case my post was too confusing :)

edit: you could of course also just make an extra fx chain for the basedrum with a vel-tracker and a send device in the instrument itself… anyways, a key range setting in the vel tracker would be nice to have

Yeah thanks, I already working with a silent clone of the bassdrum that triggers the stuff. But I was looking for I way to extract only the bassdrum trigger out of the drumset track…

Is it a bug in the keytracker that C-4 to C#4 also reacts on other notes? Do I misunderstand the functionality?

As far as I know I cannot use any midi meta within an instrument fx.

Either way, here you go, this should work, see the device chain .xrnt bellow.

As for

Use “soft” to make it ignore other notes.

You can use instrument macros, automation and midi control in the instrument effects chains if they’re inside a doofer, see the instrument .xrni bellow.

gova thanks for your help!