Feature Suggestion - Svn

I was considering using svn to collaborate with other renoise users. I thought using a script to pack/unpack the xrns file into revision controlled folders would work… But, a built in svn client would be awesome.

It would almost allow realtime(ish) collaboration with other users without having to worry about any of the sync issues, or large file transfers.


Why reinvent the wheel?

We currently use google code ourselves.
And use Tortoise SVN to sync the tools.

If one desires to, one can as easily create a community SVN base and then add more people to the codebase to allow them updating the code.

I think he’s asking for the possibility to “save” or “open” projects to svn, but probably zip extracted, so a small change won’t force a complete re-read of the entire xrns.

I came here looking for version control suggestion - I recently had a change that altered the settings on a VSTi, and when I came back to work in the song it sounded wrong. I’m looking more for a personal thing like File Hamster, but a regular VCS would work. I think an integrated one would be ideal, because for a lot of people it’s hard to figure out how to set up repos and learn all the stuff. Yes, I’ve used hg in the past for personal programming projects, but something like Filehamster where you have a watch directory locally would be awesome. Though that’s a more file level interface. If you had something directly IN renoise you could have direct data-level info, so only the changes could be recorded.

I don’t know how this could work with VST. But I think some sort of easy multi-version backup system combined with the possibility to branch and explore, and share w/others would be an awesome feature.

Or maybe I just shouldn’t make music while I’m drunk and that whole saving a wrong version thing wouldn’t be a problem. :blink:

EDIT: Or just add a drunk mode that autobackups the “good” version for safekeeping LOL…

Integrated for personal reasons is okay, but if you want to share stuff, things like authorisation levels come back around the corner.
I personally never found tortoise svn hard to grasp and when picking an online svn database repository, i think there are plenty that aren’t hard to grasp either.
With some functions you have to carefully watch out for like the “relocate” function because that one is one of the least intuitive functions around.

Yeah - I guess I’m thinking more of a personal versioning system - I can totally get why integrating it in the system can be a PITA. But some sort of versioning would be nice. I guess I can go to filehamster as an alternative.

Just wanted to add my voice to someone who thinks it might be a good idea. If it’s not implemented, I can understand. I really love Renoise, and it’s the one thing I’ve been able to use so far that allows me to make a full on song and not just little loops.