Features.. Keep It Real Folks

Been browsing trough this forum ans seen trough alotta feature requests…
I’m not an advanced Renoise user but ive been tracking for quite some years.

I gone trough most plattforms and seen trackers come and go.

One thing i do remember is that 90% of all the old trackers was quite buggy.

People here asks for feautures like chatting and network sharing/coop tuning.

Please do no use time on such features. Renoise isnt out of beta stage yet. !

Finetune the important things, the main aspects of the tracking experience.

That said i gotta give all my humble thanx to the great team behind renoise !
Renoise is allready the most complete and feature rich tracker to this date!
No one else comes even close !

But there is still work to be done in aspects of tracking experience, keep up the bloody good work !

Maybe in version 2.5 or 3.0 one can start adding feauters like chat and network support. And addons like these should not be in main code but as addons. I always liked the idae of addons. This way users can them self decide what kinda functionality they want.

Maybe and idea (much later on) is to open for addons from third party coders ?

As we all know adding things also creates new bugs, it’s a evil circle…

All my thanks to renoise team for they awesome work and to all others contributing to make renoise what it is today !


well, everything over v 1 is out of beta stage as far as im conserned, and the last stable release was 1.281. We suggest things in here and vote on actual features inside the wip section. But i agree, renoise is the shit and if it keeps up it will still be it for many years to come.

The Shit?
Is that same as Holy Shit?

indeed, if you need it ill retype it into proper terms, just for you!

Finally there was one post with an opinion I totally agree.

I do not need networked tracking, chatting or stuff like that. If I want to have people edit my songs, I send them the RNS-File and if I want to chat, I go to IRC and hope that my quotes will end in bash.org ;)

The only feature I want is native SF2-Support because I do not like the high CPU-Usage SF2-Vsts use.

Nevertheless, Renoise is the best all-in-one-solution since a long time. Usability, stability and features already exceed my wet dreams and I look forward for the next releases.

i don’t get the feeling that the devs actually considered implementing networked tracking or something.

I too think that’s silly.

How about piano roll? Tickless tracking? A more buzzesque type sequencer-arranger? MIDI loading and saving…

These are features I definitely agree with