Feed The People Of Earth


i hope they’re not lying… just spent an hour filling bowl after bowl!

they’re not lying, this was in the news yesterday.
seems like they already gathered a few months worth!

spread the rice!

Excellent and clever idea.

This is quite the addicting website. I love the idea as well.

Actually I’m full of shit. Think of how much power you’re wasting doing this. It still feeds the corporate consumer machine through advertising revenue. How about directly donating something or getting involved? How about growing some rice yourself and sending that over?

Think about the power that you’d be wasting doing other mindless stuff like this. I think sites like these are good ideas because most people either don’t care enough to go out of their way to directly donate, or can’t afford to directly donate and this seems to me to be a good way to connect with the groups of people who are less involved in charity.

However, this site in particular seems like it could be doing a little better in being an actual charity. This dude’s blog raises some good points about the site not being a registered charity and how much more he could be donating. That’s all I could find on the subject though.

Think abotu the waste of power whenever you spent precious hours behind renoise, not knowing what the fukk you’re going at. It’s about the initiative and the awareness it triggers. If it weren’t for NASA, there wouldn’t BE any hunger on the Earth ;)

which this other guy actually bashes in a convincing way, at least according to me