Feedback Request: Defense Of Yano (Trance)


I’m currently working on a new trance song in Renoise. It’s the title track for a iphone game from a friend of mine. Would like to hear your suggestions and feedback:

I like it so far, i’m no expert on trance but…
I’d say:
-you could add some pad chords, this would make it a little more dreamy-like
-maybe some drum fills or other percussive variations from time to time
-some more resonant-noise or bleepy resonant synths in background here and there
-i think that in modern trance music, large amount of compression/limiting is heard

The main problem i was facing when making my tracks when i was starting was that my works had good melodies, rhytm, arrangment etc. But they lacked the small ear candies. Some small sounds, variations in rhytm, some irregularities. Notice that many songs have some irregularities that mess up the rhytm and melody, and when it gets back to normal it’s even sweeter. It’s a little similiar to trance induction in hypnosis.

So, the track you’re making has the potential it’s cool and i started noding my head when i was listening to this, but make it more teasing with the listener. Let me know when it’s completed.
Thanks for sharing!!

P.S. Remember, that’ just my opinion and my perception of music. And taking it seriously is prohibited:)