I’m working on a beatbattle track and I really REALLY want a filtered delay…but I can’t make a send track feedback loop…is there some other way to do this?

What I TRIED to do was:

SOUND -> SEND01 (DELAY WITH FEEDBACK OF ONE -> HIGHPASS FILTER) -> SEND02 (DELAY WITH FEEDBACK OF ONE -> HIGHPASS FILTER) ->SEND01 ->etc until the feedback gets rid of all sound by running it through the filter…

Actually, I don’t know if it would have worked, but I’m mad there’s no filtered delay…anyone got any ideas?

Hey, Man!

Try this…

Send the instrument you want filtered delay on, to a send device…

Choose Keep Source on the Send Device, and “amount 100%”.

On the send track, choose a delay, and then a filter, now you can do whatever you want with the delay, and it won’t disturb the original sound.

Oh and if you want a really good vst delay with enough filter to scare your mom away, try this

Yeah, what Dufey said.

The keyword here is “keep source.”

You can chain several send devices from a single audio source with that technique. There’s no need to chain send devices together unless that’s the effect you are going for. Example:

Track 01 -> S00 (Keep source 100%) -> S01 (Keep source 100%) -> S02 (Keep source 50%) -> Etc

RetroDelay is the bomb. I use it on literally every track I write. :)

Useless for BB5 of course (unless he renders the whole delayed section to a sample), but a great VST to have in your collection for sure.

I use Overdubber in almost every track :) gotta love the “explode” trigger.

It’s possible, to get some sort of feedback effect using the flanger.

Example: OGG | XRNS