Few Of My Tracks

2 tracks from soundcloud.

Title: Screamer Gene: techno


Title: Hardstyle releaser Gene: Hardstyle


Techno track sounds quite good. Of course it would sound even better in right envieroment like some sort of party. ;)
Overal mix feels well balanced. Idea feels good but it didn’t have anything special to catch your attention.

Hardstyle track didn’t offer me much as the techno track. Mix didn’t feel balanced.
For example, i didn’t feel kick actually kicking in any point. Ideas could have been richer as well.

Ps. Welcome to the forum :)

Hey thx for constructive opinion ;) its good for me cuz im quite beginner

check one more this is some psychill but i made special efects using PC microphone and renoise :) more for test and fun (btw discovered that day it can record voice from mic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i know shame on me ;P)