Few Questions About Problems With Reaper

1st, I have not paid for the “registered” versions Renoise or Reaper, I’m trying to first figure out exactly what I want/need in home recording. I’m just not sure that fact is causing any problems, but I kinda doubt it.

When I Rewire a song into Reaper, it does not stop, the last part of the Renoise song just keep repeating.

Also, after I add my Renoise track into Reaper, I’ve been trying to record live guitar on to another track. But I guess I’m having latency issues. When I play the song back, the guitar is usually late. No other programs are running on the computer, not a lot of effects or anything, and I think the power of this computer should handle these simple recordings.

Thanks for any help!

I have the same problem with Renoise as master, if I STOP from Renoise, Reaper notes “hangs” “on”, they keep playing. If I STOP from Reaper, it stops fine.

And when I use Reaper as master, the first row of my pattern in Renoise does not play.

I tried with the latest Reaper 3.75 and Reaper 4 Alpha. (Using Renoise 2.6.1)