File Browsing With Keyboard In 1.8- Am I Missing Something?

Greetings all,

Long time user, first time forum poster here. ;)

So, ever since version 1.8 (up to the most recent), my keyboard commands for file browsing (lctrl+lalt+cursor keys/enter) do not work, at all. I’ve tested this one at least 5 different workstations, with the same results. If I fire up ver 1.5, no problems- works like a charm. Even if I setup my own custom / alternate keys in the preferences- nothing. No response. (other custom keyboard commands work wonderfully, BTW)

I can navigate my instruments with alt+cursor, I can use each and every other keyboard shortcut. I have played with moving windows around, making sure the focus is on the right box, full screen/not, etc. I didn’t think I’d have to resort to a forum post, but here we are…

At this point, the only way I can browse / load from the disk browser in 1.8 is with the mouse.

What am I missing?


Right, I follow that aspect of changing the focus- and I can change the focus to the disk browser, and move around with the standard keyboard keys; change the focus to other GUI components (other key commands that require being in the proper focus work fine), use F8 to toggle, etc.

However, that still doesn’t allow the lctrl-lalt+__ functions to work. For example, I have the disk browser in focus (able to use cursor keys to move around) and I hit lctrl-lalt+enter to load a file, or open a directory: nothing. Just enter, ctrl-enter, lctrl-lalt+letter for switching to drive letter X, etc. No dice. Nothing works. The only way I can open, or load, is with the mouse.

But thanks for the assist!

Aye, that clears things up…

I must say, I really preferred the old behaviour- though I can’t say why exactly. Maybe it’s just the old-schooler in me? Ah well, viva la revolution and all that.

Cheers mate!