File Loading Error

Last night I spent 6 hours on a track. This morning, when i tried to open it, it gave me the message “File loading error. The file is not accessible or corrupt!” Any ideas?

Renoise 1.8 or Renoise 1.5? You got no error while saving, or?

Please send the file over to me (taktik renoise com), then I will try to repair it. Lets then find out how this could have happened.

The file could be completely repaired as there were just a few bytes at the end of the file missing.

As noted in you should also definitely check if you mem and hard disk is OK.

Renoise checks all saved files after saving and will spit out a warning if something is wrong with the file (does a Zip CRC check), so this must have happened after the saving was done in Renoise. Maybe your hard disk starts to destruct itself, or it got broken while your computer crashed.

i have the exact same problem with a track. can i send it over to you as well because i really don’t want to lose it.


This scares me a bit though.
Could you both please check (scandisk) your HDs again?

it happend to me also 1 time… with renoise 1.8 and new hardrive