Filename in view somewhere in fullscreen mode?

Fullscreen mode, love it. It’s got a “realworld” time clock next to the song clock and CPU. Only thing I miss is, sometimes I wanna copy that song file, or whatever, find it in explorer, but it’s filename is only visible when un-fullscreened and then in the windows taskbar, … wait for it… yeah. Maybe there could be a place in the view somewhere where this ‘meta info’ is shown, song settings?

After loading the song via the Disk Browser or by directly opening the .XNRS itself from Explorer, the filename should be displayed in the text field in Disk Browser > Song. It’s just the filename, though, and does not include any path info.

You can also get the full path and filename via Lua:

I bet you could make a handy tool for it… like a keyboard shortcut that reveals the file and its location in Explorer.

Hitting “Save As…” (Ctrl + Shift + S by default) will also pop open a window to the location of the currently loaded song, where you could theoretically copy/rename/etc as needed.

O yeah thanks. It’s actually quite enough methods, it’s just that I’m really used of all windows apps showing ‘what i’m working on’ in the titlebar.
save as is easiest for now

Agreed, same here. I use normal window mode but stretched out “almost full screen” just to have the filename at the top.

Some kind of indication whether the file is modified would be useful too. Sometimes i pretend to open another file just to see if it will ask me “save changes” or go directly to the file browser window.

Yep, big +