Filter Activation does some weird DC-stuff

Hey there,

I have no idea what’s going on, but I’ve got my drums all routed to one group, while some of these drums are routed to a sub-group within the drum-group so I can control them specifically.
On that sub-group, I’ve got a filter going on, and just if I turn it on either via pattern-command or automation it creates some weird stuff!
The entire track goes quiet for a moment, and it seems like the DC is getting thrown off a cliff or something like that - the entire phase goes up to the top-right corner for the time the track is pretty quiet.

Everything seems alright, but even if I pre-active the filter long before I automate the Cutoff, it still does that “thing”.
Does anybody have an idea what is going on there?
Thanks in advance


I guess an example XRNS would be helpful.

Yeah, probably should’ve done that right away, sorry.
So, I noticed that the same happens if I scroll up and down through the pattern-maxtrix while it’s playing - perhaps that might help.
In any case, there is the XRNS: DC.xrns

Oh yeah, it also doesn’t happen everytime - it’s pretty much random, so don’t give up searching for the actual “DC-swinging” after one attempt.