Filter2 redesign

Just wanted to start a thread to say that the FX in 1.9b3 are all sounding really good.

I have been making a track using only internal effects and I have not wanted for anything so far!


I wanted to know though…

Technically, how good are the EQ plugs?

I mean, I want to set up a multiband compressor using 4 EQ plugs and 4 compressors. Each EQ will control a certain band and there will be a compressor on top of each EQ (hence making a multi-band compressor)

Is the roll off on the EQ accurate (and consistent) enough to do this effectively, or am I better using something like Voxengo or Waves gear??


I have tried to create 4 bands using the EQ10. The roll offs dont allow for the correct cuts…

Hmm. It seems, for example, if I cut the low end at 250hz, and the high end off at 1000hz, the effect of both roll offs reduce the peak.

I can do this with the Elemental Equiem EQ plugs…


^^This is a low cut. No problems here.

^^This is a low cut and a high cut, with the two frequencies spaced far apart. No problems.

^^This is a low cut and a high cut, with the two frequencies close. Problem.

Have you tried changing the width numbers aka:



Yep. Even at the tightest curves, the problem remains.

I was using the high and low cut elements (which are max 1.00) to do this test

I am wondering if this is something to do with the graphical representation or the actual sound.

Either way, it is not perfect

Yes, i see it now. I had a knee-jerk reaction there, way off base on my part.

File under bug report.

All good Conner_Bw! Peace :)

Yeah, I wanted someone to prove me wrong before I ask the Mods to stick this in the Bug Report section…

Seems that it might be the best place for this thread now.

Let’s just do it then.

Ok! (Oh you just did)


So I just checked out a fairly standard 3rd party EQ (Elemental Eqium)

This is how close you can get with no Q added (you can get a lot closer if you play with the Q on this Plugin…

The Renoise native EQ does not even come close (if the graphic representation actually is what is happening inside the program!)

And moved back. Lets discuss, elaborate this a bit more first, please…

We are using simple biquads for the EQs. What you want is a bandpass filter, which we currently do not offer in the EQ.
About the slopes: They are different than in Eqium, yes, but that doesnt make them wrong, or?

Vadarphone, check out:…shaping-sonics/

No pictures makes it a n intimidating read, but it’s worth reading all the way through.


No, different slopes from Eqium are not wrong… I was merely using that plug in as an example.

My main concern was that the range of the Renoise EQ can not get as close as that of other VST EQs

(This is sort of my original question on this thread)

You say that what I have proposed is a band pass filter… but is it really?

I have used two filters to achieve the effect in both plugins (Renoise and Eqium). These are Low Pass and High Pass… If this equals a Band Pass Filter, please accept my apologies (I guess it does, actually!)

If the filter is not going to change on the EQ, how about adding something like a detail window…


Excuse the rushed job!

Yeah thanks for the link. This is pretty simple stuff.

Basically, I started this thread to try and get some background info on the EQ in Renoise, and have discovered some possible issues along the way. I am getting a bit closer to my intended goal, which is cool, so thanks everyone who has replied.

(If anyone can answer my original question, I would be very grateful too!)

On a related note, have the new filters been implemented for 1.9?

Damn, words scare people. :confused: I’ll have to get some piccys in there…

No, but they are running fine now at double floating point precision, so why should we exchange them?

Ah sorry, that thread was not a good example. I meant filter2’s filters -they do not seem to work in the same way as other filters. The hipass filter does not seem to remove bass frequencies as it should. For example, to get similar results to a 12db hipass filter at 300hz you need to set the Renoise filter to about 3000hz…

Yes, we need to throw away that “Filter2” device at some time and completely renew it. For non scientific usage it should be OK though.

Sorry, totally forgot that with the device pimping. Should have been done for this release, but now its too late…

edit: posted this just after Taktik, doh.

Just to show a visual example…

Here is a 909 kick, one channel has the Sonalksis TBK filter set to 12db hipass at 500hz, the other is the Renoise filter set at the same slope and frequency.

The Renoise filter is the green (top) line. For some reason it is not cutting the lows as much.

Here is the same test with 12db lopass filters. Renoise is the green line again.

This time the Renoise filter seems to be cutting more than the Sonalksis one… I’ve done the same test with other filters and they all seem to be very similar each other.

mmmmmmmmm Sonalksis!

Gorgeous plug ins.

Very nice explanation Skunky.

Good work

Yeah, it needs to be renewed. I use it a hell of a lot in tracks as it is very convenient to use in terms of operation. Once it gets sorted, balance will be restored in the universe

Guess that bump was for me ;)

Btw, its not the problem to add a standard set of boring filters instead. The current filters, as strange as they are very unique.

So do we really want a set of standard HP/LP/PB filters /instead/ or /in addition/ to the filter2?