Filter2: Type Automation


I was trying to automate the “Type” setting of the Filter2 native plugin for Renoise, but couldn’t seem to get it to work. I tried selecting the buttom holding Lshift down and both forward and right clicking the buttons… neither did the trick. If you add the automation curve in the Automation section, you are able to switch between them, but because the values are probably 0-9 or whatever, the resolution of the automation window doesn’t allow you to be that precise.

Do I have to map that slider out to a midi controller and do it from there? Is there another way to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated, as I’m still learning the intricacies (sp?) or the program.



Sweet, thanks for the help.

That’s just the answer I was hoping would exist :smiley:

One other question tho B)

Is there a way to turn on and off a DSP effect from the effects column as well?

I looked in the manual but couldn’t find anything…


Haha, yeah.

I didn’t realize the effects they were referring to there were the same effects as the “Track DSPs”. For some reason (don’t know why) I thought they were some sort of separate effect.

Thanks again for the help Bantai.

I can’t wait to finish this tune up!


Hmm, this is kind of odd. I went to put in the ef fect on/off commands, and it seems to be turning the effect on (putting a check in the box) when i put in “4f01” and turning the effect off when I put in “4f00”. This is what seems logical to me, but is the opposite of what the manual says.