final countdown

listen to my remix of final countdown… probably the best swedish rock song ever :D

this is more like a joke so dont take this to serious. :lol:

:drummer: :guitar: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Haha, bloody exellent!! :D

I had a remix in mind a few years back, but that was drum&bass, and maybe taking itself way too seriously…

On a mastering note, you might want to reduce the vocal level a bit, it was slightly too loud compared to the chipz. Howd’ya make those vocals btw?

yes i’m aware of the loud voice.
but since i’m such a lazy bastard i don’t have the energy to change it. :lol:

concerning the voice, i used the “analogX SayIt”.
it was a bit of a headache, i had to render every singel syllable :)

ex: “it’s”, “the”, “fi”, “nal”, “count”, “down”.
also i some times had to write some kind of phonetic style.

happy listening :D

lol now THIS is a cool song.
Chiptunes rule, and that voice is … I don’t know what. simply weird.
it’s funny how “sayit” pronounces the “ou” … like in “cOUntdOWn”.
nice work.

LAZY??? No way, that took TOO long a time for you to be lazy… hehe. There should be a remix compo with sayit and chip-theme as rules… Your entry would be the first one, the others could have, say… a month to finish it. Sounds fun? :)

ok maby im not lazy.
it realy took a looong time to produce the singing voice.
and i would probably throw up if i had to work some more with it. :lol:

well done stuff. thumbs up, escpecially for the voice, which unfortunately is, as already mentioned, a bit too loud - but nevertheless seriously decent chip ware :)


Pretty funny

Big smile through the entire song :D

the song is now uppdated :D

find it here or att the same place as before in the song section.

happy listening :lol:

MUCH better!! :)

the finnal caount daon!!! heheheeee

Played it for a couple of friends, and they dug it! :)

lol. nice chip mod:D