Finally Buying And Making Close To Full Change To Renoise

good god i tinkered with older demos and saw vids on youtube, but adding the mixer was the sealing deal for me.
just tinkering about still and learning all i can, but jesus compared to cubase or flstudio my workflow is about 110% faster getting ideas and fx chains/breaks down
this seriously has to be the most powerful/inspiration production soft i have used to date
just a big ups to developers for listening to community and releasing such an excellent piece of soft at such a reasonable price and with constant support and listening to user base
hopefully can make some release worthy tunes with this like i did with older soft
deadly habit :w00t:

welcome to the club :D

welcome to the world of renoise mate! B)

rock on! :yeah:

Welcome renoise addict :P

ez deadly ;)

wicked innit!

what up youngen ;)

Welcome. You will not turn back. This software is cultish.

I registered yesterday as well, and have already had some eye opening experiences.

Working with beats at such a low level just makes so much more sense than messing around with slicer plugins or drum samplers etc., entering notes in a pianoroll…

Great piece of kit :yeah: