Finally Getting "an Argument" Recorded

This is a song that I wrote a few years back–I’m sure there are those that remember it–I’d post on that thread but it cannot be found–I never had the courage or patience before to get the whole thing recorded properly. The words have hard for me to listen to because of how personally emotional they are–I’d usually get choked up whenever I’d try to sing this song.

The equalization of my vocals seems to be a little off, there are some distortion problems in a couple spots, and the guitar solo has too much reverb and it is a little bit sharp in pitch, meaning I’ll have to redo the solo, and one of the bridges has harmonies that the timing is off.

I’ll post the final version in this thread when I’m finally done with it. I’ve been working on this recording almost nonstop since yesterday, minus sleep and eating. There are only a small handful of things that need to be worked on in it–I think–unless there are some blatant things that I need to change via things that people here may notice.

I’ve been going to NA meetings for the past 2 1/2 months, they’ve been changing me tremendously. I’m on Seroquel for my bi-polar issues, it has been a godsend, but my panic/anxiety issues were taking me over, I had considered a couple weeks ago after one of the worst panic attacks I’d ever had (and being that I’m a recovering addict, and being that the only medications that could take care of the kind of panic I had were “take as needed” medications, I felt I was headed for agoraphobia) and then after a long cry in the shower until the water was cold, I had an epiphany: What other people think of me is none of my business and I proceeded to read a book entitled “What you think of me is none of my business”. It’s NICE when people like me, and I’m not going to go out of my way to make people dislike me, but obsessing on what other people MIGHT be thinking about me is just a downward spiral. Having that realization and reading that book changed my life in a matter of a few days.

I can look people in the eye when talking to them, I can talk in front of a group of people without looking like I’m about to go in the corner and rock back and forth.

Another thing that has happened since February is that I realized that I really enjoyed being heavy. I also was getting TONS of health issues associated with when I was dieting. I’m back up to 250 pounds and have really enjoyed it. Coming out about enjoying being heavy was a “huge weight” off my shoulders, to make a really bad pun.

This week I realized what it has been that people meant by when I do my own music, I tend to hold back on the vocals, that sometimes they’re not very emotional: I had been holding back my own vocal stylizations out of the same kind of fear that my panic/anxiety around people had been from. I plan on never doing that again–if my stylizations are too weird for people, it shouldn’t matter to me.

Anyway, this is a long message, but I wanted to give an update on how I’ve been doing as well as finally showing that I’m trying to deliver on my promises that I would finish that song. I think it is one of my best pieces of work, at least, in my opinion–but often the opinion of artists is completely contrary to the listeners. LOL

I really really like this song!
And I’m very jalous of your voice!!

wow. awesome vocals!
really good melodies as well.
enjoying this.

Very nice Kizzume still reminds me of Gothic 17. =)

Syncing to my touch right now… will listen soon ;)

Nice track indeed Kizzume. I’m glad you’ve realized that what other people think of you really doesn’t matter… it’s the message I try to get across to almost everyone I know, and quite possibly one of the hardest ones to get people to understand.

We become so messed up in this life trying to live life by the unrealistic guidelines that society has set out… it’s actually difficult to drop those ideals and look at what’s truly good for us as individuals.

Just so you know, you’re not alone in regards to panic attacks. The more people I talk to about them, the more I find out get them. It’s one of the most common psychological issues around. I’m starting to think it’s more common than depression.

Surprisingly, the solution for my panic attacks turned out to be fairly simple: Eat more fruit! I make sure to eat a pear every morning… as an added bonus, it gives me nice sustained energy for the day! And it can be done along with any meds you’re taking =D

I’ve also been eating more raw vegitables in general… seems I was lacking something from all the overcooked food I was eating

Serenity helps too ;)

Nice tune indeed… You can tell a lot of craft has gone into this and it’s very heartfelt.
I like the concept of this book you mention, sounds like it’s worth a good read. I can be plagued by those kind of thoughts at times which can provoke some of the best inspiration in me, but I would rather not feel that way at all!

Huge kudos to you for your progress, good to hear :)

Vocals strange, and strangely extremely cool :)

Was missing a bit more stuff on the background but all in all its very enjoyable tune. Thanks for sharing

A good mix on this would really bring it home… Will be interested in how it finally turns out.

LIked it
hope al goes well …I have a hard time too from time to time ( to time …till time…till the end and back …etc …) …keep positive :)

Thanks everyone :D :D :D

I agree-but I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with the mix:

Is it the EQ of the vocals–do I have it set to have too much treble and bass and not enough midrange?

Is it simply the levels?

And is the guitar really far off or is it passable the way it is, maybe reducing a little bit of the reverb on it?

I do know for sure that the “bide my time” bridge harmonies need to be timed better.

Overall though, I’m struggling to figure out what sounds so weird about it. This song is really difficult to mix.

Vocals sound great, both the singing and the EQ’ing on them. i wouldn’t touch them, but rather shape the other stuff around them. The percussion could be a little louder, maybe a little more low end. Overall the entire track could be brought up to match the vocals (they are a little too up front). That bell tone keyboard instrument in the background is a tad bit piercing at times, perhaps some EQ on that would help a bit. But ya basically what I’d recommend would be to bring everything but the vocals up (or bring the vocals down a bit) and then try to sculpt out an area in the mix for them to sit in and retain clarity. Try EQ’ing everything down a bit in the range that the vocals sit in, and also experiment with panning (leave the vocals in the center and try to keep everything else from lying dead center).

Overall sounds great, like the composition a lot!

Excellent–thank you for the input on this. I wasn’t originally picturing going back and redoing the background music, but now I see how it is necessary. It’s really good advice. I’ll post another version later tonight and see what y’all think…

Ok, here is a different mix–the drums are louder, there have been a few eq adjustments on some of the instruments (edit: as well as the distortion no longer being there), the vocals aren’t quite as prominent in the mix, and the guitar pitch has been fixed.

Now there are just the harmonies on the bridge that have some timing issues, but it may not be enough that I have to worry about it. I’ll let you all decide that.

I’ve settled on the current mix. The slight variances in timing on those parts keep it from sounding like I’m using a harmonizer.

There are so many other songs I want to get recorded that I’m moving on to the next song, the next one is entitled “To Tell You The Truth”.

dude! you nailed this! final is perfect! i could listen to it on repeat for hours.

diggin every freakin track. nothing too heavy in an overwhelmingly powerful song.


great to see you back in shape, whatever is the shape which fits you the best :)

very intense tune, I think that releasing this has been quite a relief for you.


Very much so. I feel so much better about myself for finally having finished it :D

I’d still try some de-esser on the vocals, pretty sharp sssss for my taste. Weird stuff, I like it.

Congratulations Kizzume, seriously.
I’m listening to the test mix, so i won’t say anything about mixing.
The song is brilliant though. The lyrics really hit home for me.
I’m glad you found courage in that book.
You have a bang tidy voice.