Finally Something New!

I just put out a new song on my Myspace-page. I’ve had it on my harddrive for ages, but finally thought it deserved finishing. Its quite catchy. Listen to it and give feedback!
Its the one called “sharku nr. 17” on

There was typo in your link.

Click here instead: :D

thanks, didn’t see that.

and, i just figured out how to make a google site, so now both the mp3 and the .xrns are available for download. The xrns (416k) is here, and the mp3 is available on this page.

My honest opinion? Its not catchy. However it is something you can leave playing on the background while minding your other stuff.

Wouldn’t call it catchy either, it feels more like an abstract piece, which isn’t a bad thing. I’d highpass the clap sample quite a bit, though. To prevent it stealing focus from the trippy blipping. The bassdrum feels just right.

haha, well i guess it depends on how you define “catvhy”. For me it meant an easily recognizable melodious theme… I guess catchy wasnt the rigt word, but usually i don’t make music this melody centred, that was what i wanted to emphasize.
Anyway thanks for the commments!

I really really like #17 and Milkman that you have on your MySpace page :)

Thanks man!