Find The Brakes

“Find The Brakes” - the final tune in the “modern times”-cycle.

As mentioned there -> Thanks to Herbie Hancock and Paul Hardcastle!

Hope, you like it!



Nice one! Really sounds well-mixed to me (in addition to being pleasant musically). I’d love to read about your setup / technique.

It’s a sunny, very euphonious electro-jazz sort of thing. It’s certainly inoffensive, and well crafted.

​I hate to say anything negative about it, but it was almost too safe. It didn’t seem to build much musical tension, or ask my ear to make a leap. It seemed rather like a breakfast scene at the opening of a movie to which I might take a church youth group without anyone raising an eyebrow. The sort of movie in which nobody would even order a bloody mary with lunch. Not even the bad guy.

​But I don’t want to detract from your mastering or execution. It was very well assembled.

@maruchan : Thx man, the Renoise setup here is quite unspectacular

  • Renoise (surprise)

  • A master keyboard with sustain pedal

  • In this track a some VSTs and Samples

  • Magix Independence (Piano)

  • TAL Noise Maker (Bass)

  • PipeQ Digitech Superwave P8 (Chords)

  • Kit-Real (Drums, comes with Renoise)

  • Garritan Instant Orchestra (Chords)

  • some Samples (Handclaps, Choir, most from my 01\w FD)

  • DSK Stringer (Chords)

  • u-he Zebralette (Bells)

@Jan Koekepan:

Yes, things go quite easy through this, no friction, no jumps, quite suitable to

find the brakes ;).

For the mixing: I recently I got really great headphones, they sound very “neutral”,

i.e. they don’t prefer or suppress any frequencies. It’s a lot easier to find the mix.

(beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro)