Finding The Right Parameter For Vsti

Hi guys!

Here is the thing:
I found this great free vsti that you also propably already know about, Karnage 1.5. Now I’m tweaking the frequency-knob on the distortion panel and it sounds great, so I would like to automate it.

Ok, so I insert a VstiAutomateDevice on the track and try to select the right parameter from it’s list… The problem is, it has so many parameters, that I have no idea which one controls the freq-knob. There is one named freq on the list but it controls another frequency, not the frequency of distortion.

So to keep it simple, my question is: When I find a nice knob in the vsti that I would like to tweak, how do I know what it is called in the VstiAutomateDevice?? Is there some kind of simple way of knowing what controls what or do I have to go trough the hidious work of trial and error?

I know some of you gurus have an answer for me, so pleeeease help me out! :)

hmm, probably the easiest way would be to set the rec button by the transport.
hit play and fiddle with the knob, but in this case the plug doesnt send any messages. so the easiest way (i know of) of doing it is just like how you were.
i hate synthedit plugins but i dl’d it,
the one you want is called “tone”.

public service announcement:
in the future you might want to stay away from synthedit plugs because it being such a low entry level app it seems to provide a steady amount of pain in the ass problems. whats funny about it tho is that some ppl try really hard to make them not look like synthedit plugins! theres probably 1 or 2 okay ones but none on my hardrives :) so now i’ll step down from the soapbox.

if the VSTi you are using supports MIDI learning/controlling, use MIDICCdevice instead:
assign a MIDI CC to the knob and to a slider of the device, and you’ve done.