fine pitch slide


( can we please have it in a future release? i use(d) it much more frequently than regular pitch sliding, which is too un-fine :P

I also need it :)

…but: Well, here’s something I didn’t try in Renoise but it works in FT2 and similar trackers…

I used to go like this:


G-2 | 01|-- | 000
A-2 | – |-- | 301
A-2 | – |-- | 301
A-2 | – |-- | 301

…until the pitch (i.e. the note) of A-2 is reached.
3xx means porta-to-note . The x’es after the ‘3’ define the speed. It’s like turning on the portamento on a synthie’s midi-channel.

Hope this could help. I’m sorry if it didn’t. And even soRRieR if you knew this already :)

i use that in many ft2 track but it seems to work very bad in rns, i think it will get a better compability sooner or later ( after all there are Huge features coming up, and we kan wait for a while for this “smaller” ones) …


count me for two entries: me and Neurotix miss this feature badly, and also a fine volume slide.

while i don’t use them that much, it seemed to me that the current volume slide effects were pretty ‘fine’ themselves… am i wrong?

guess so. in which case, yes, please put it in also :)