Fine Quantizing?

Is there a way to “fine quantize” in Renoise?

I’m trying to create a drum fill that is closest to a human drummer. The way it’s set in Renoise there is always a robotic, machine gun feel to it.

Is it possible to get more quantization options in Renoise?

Got it.

“Record Note delays” on the top left of the screen!

It’s does an excellent job. :yeah: :drummer:

I originally didn’t think this note delay option worked right, but I guess it does, and very well I might add. I’m quite surprised. I must have been having problems or something when I tried using it in earlier versions–maybe I was having some asio problems (kx drivers) or something.

I really have no complaints anymore about renoise–that quantized feel was the only thing that was getting in my way.

Did they change the way that note delay works or is implimented during live entry in 1.5 or something? It’s great!

I was re-creating a “frevo” break (it’s a Brazilian music style), which is a very particular break that uses only the snare drum hitting at every 4 bars at 160 bpm and it’s filled with snare rolls in between the bars. But in real life a human plays the snare and, therefore, there are variations in velocity of the hits. Anything not following those details will sound bad and fake. It’s a little bit of a bitch to do with a real snare drum because it requires some practicing.

I’m using BFD, which is velocity sensitive, has several different hits for each instrument and such (a beauty). Everything was all right but I was having troubles with the drum fill at every 16 bars.

Then the Note Delay came to the rescue.

I was trying to do this in Cubase drawing the midi notes, and I gave up. Too much of a hassle :rolleyes: .

Go renoise!

Duh… you mean Cubase can’t do this?
I thought Cubase was a time-based recorder…

I didn’t say Cubase can’t do it. Cubase can totally do it.

I just find it easier to do it in Renoise.

How this “record note delay” thing works? How to use it?

In the following panel:

On the right side of the , you find the .

Make sure the is toggled.

Yeah tnx, but what does this button do? :unsure:

How does it help to get rid of “machine-like” feel?

When you record notes live from computer or MIDI keyboard it will add the corresponding delay commands to notes and note-offs if you hit/release a key between 2 lines. This will increase your solution a bit, but it’s still a pretty bad resolution compared to cubase etc.

Check this page for a description of it and how ticks etc works.

To see how and where the notedelays are recorded…
Toggle the most right button on this bar (Panning): (in the application)

The panning column will become visible and you’ll notice a whole lot of Dx values. Johan’s posted link explains how the tickmethod works.

No it’s not really perfect, but actually the density of the timeing is large enough that you don’t need to “slide” the notes into a more acceptable beat-logic afterwards than you would in Cubase.
But it seems this patchy craftwork is the cause of hassle in Cubase if i understand it right?
(There were loads’ of hassles in Cubase which make me quickly deinstall it anyways, so didn’t took very much time to figure out the rest of the hassles)

I agree with that.

You can do it in renoise just fine.

When you poke around your music too much it gets a level of detail that only you notice, and the regular listener could give a damn. :)