Finetuning A Sample/instrument

I don’t seem to find, how to finetune a sample/instrument.
A proper screenshot, and description where this is done, is probably good.

I’ve stared myself blind on the instrument editor.
I was used to doing this in Fasttracker 2…

(I have a bad sample, that need to be finetuned) :)

Thanks for any help!!

So far my music is going well, just this one problem,
and i didn’t find any bugs yet… hehe

Can’t login to my ftp to put up a screenshot for you right now, but it’s very simple really.

Instr. Settings tab > Sample Properties > Finetuning

Be aware that tuning will have no effect if the sample is beatsync’d.

Duh… totally my fault…

Check the updated page around the center:

Thanks guys!