Finetuning Beatsync

I searched around a bit but didn’t find this suggestion before… The other day I tried the “Beatsync” button for the first time. Dunno why I haven’t used it before, it has just been a button sitting there :) Anyway… it’s a quick way to kind of get the right sync, but it’s very seldom perfect. So my suggestion is to add a button to apply the beatsync, which changes the basenote and finetune, and then lets you manually finetune it.

Maybe there already is a possiblity to do this?

cut copy paste in sample editor

but mayby developers will add some fancy shit around that beatsync to handle such a things…

Well, without an undo it’s pretty hard to cut sample overhead in the editor when you don’t know how much should be cut. Besides I prefer manually adjusting finetune in that case…

Anyhow, I don’t think it’s “fancy shit” because the functionality is already there, it just is implemented in another way.

but it cuts that piece in memory so you can always paste it back.

I have been using that button since the first time I used Renoise… and found it to be extremely usefulll… but I think that, yes, there is a slightly bigger potential behind that button that hasnt been developed yet…

Obviously enough, its “perfect math” implies that the sample must be almost perfectly cut to be seem-less looping … but this doesn’t happens all the times <_< so the problem is not in the Beat Sync… but the sample itself… so instead of fucusing on beatsync manual settings I would rather focus on sample editing related to Beat synch.

Ok, there I go with the brief explanation ;)
Maybe I’m lucky… because all of my loops seem to behave fairly decently… but it actually happened a certain (small) number of times… that I had the very same problem in fixing the lenght of the sample to make it loop.

It’s quite easy to find out a “starting” point for a loop… the problem is to find the ending point! This happens because the natural sound of drums usually begins with a STEP attack you can visually detect in the beginning of its waveform… while it doesn’t really “Step-end” nowhere. What it does is instead “fading away” this makes it quite hard to understand where to put an ending point.

Possible Solutions:

  1. To manually cut the sample in sample editor. Not painless, as we know.
    The problem is that this works better with “Long” tracks when you want to “Crop out” a single beat…

  2. Loop the beat with the looping points of the “Loop Fineeditor” (Sample edit window) and then use those reference as landmarks to select your cropping area

  3. Export the beat to some other looping tool (Acid?).

  4. Have Renoise developers add some small enhancement to the sample editor in order to integrate BeatSync :lol:

I would just LOVE, i.e., to have some editing tools related to beatsynching!
(uh? beat tools…Beatools… Beatles… funny…)
something like they have in Acid… area selection inside the sample editor that eventually “snaps” on BPM-synched landmarks when editing beats… tempo tools to slide the pitch leaving duration untouched (and the opposite)…

the beatsync is only useful if you have proper cutted 1/2/x-bar loops. especially with audio-sample-cds the beatsync gets useless, because you have that additional first basedrum again at the end of the loop. I spent whole rainy sundays cutting those basedrums from my loopcollection. what I suggest is that the beatsync uses a selection or the looprange for its calculation. (like in intakt for example, where you can specify a range for the loop, making it possible to have a fill-in at the start of the loop and ignore a possible “first-basedrum”.

For me it would be enough to have a beatsync marker that could be placed on the sample in the editor to indicate the range corresponding to the number of rows set in the beatsync settings - like this:

— Sample start
| this range is used for pitch/finetune calculation
— Beatsync marker
— Sample end

However this would still require cutting the initial silence (but there’s no point in keeping it anyway), it would free us from the need of cutting the part of the sample after the beatsync marker or using tricky numbers of rows in the beatsync settings to make it play in time with the track and with the reverb tail preserved. By default, the marker should be placed on the end of the sample.

Edit: I guess me and Looza meant the same - and at the same time :)


This is a good idea. However I would still like to keep the flexibility to be able to tweak the fine tune afterwards. It could be realized like the offset value which is just shown in the sample editor when you select a position. So if you mark a range the beatsync note and fine tune for the selected lines would be shown.

I actually forgot to support this request of yours, I want that too. It should be something like :

beatsync sets the right coarse/fine tune values for the sample (it does that now anyway, just hidden inside the program) and then you can either decide to sync it to the tempo (just as in the internal delay, where the delaytime gets synced to tempo-changes) or finetune it further if you need.
As said, I think atleast the option to change the actual tuning info for the sample should be easy to do, because renoise does that already, its just not showing it in the sample-properties.

That’s true looza, I didn’t think of that… changing it would indeed make sense since it then would be consistent with the delay settings.

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so anyway. i like the idea of having a definable region that is used as the basis for the beatsyncing as well. it would be cool to have the beat sync to your defined loop rather than the whole sample. if this feature was implemented i would also recommend an IT style sustain-loop feature so that you can keep a synced up loop going and then release it and have the sample continue.

i thought about the same some time ago, also i got a thought about delay-filling offset and playdirection for cut-too-much samples, so, then we can fill the delay silence with another part of the sample… just a small thought…

tuning adjustments by khz (again ala IT) would be cool as well so that you can more easily sync a sample to a tempo wihout sacrificing the ability to play it out of sync.