Finished A Song

hey. finished this track recently, or rather abandoned it. it’s definitely missing something (actually a lot of things i reckon!), any thoughts on what to avoid/change in future would be nice… i think there’s definitely a progression problem with it, it doesn’t really go anywhere…


well, the classic thing would be to add a snare somewhere to make it “go” ifunowatimean. (=

maybe have a sit-down and just write down what’s supposed to happen in terms of intensity, breakdowns and instrumention variations at which points.

cheers. yeah i tried adding a snare at one point but i couldn’t make it fit.

i wanted to keep it pretty rudimentary in terms of instruments and melody, perhaps a snare would add that little bit extra.

why didn’t it fit?

not too sure! will investigate again tonight…

i’ve given up. nevermind, onto the next adventure!


just on this song yo! a calculated retreat.

wahey! i put a snare in this one……ixes-last-night

Liked it, especially the odd hippie-like percussion!