Finished my first Renoise EP!

Please give this a listen and let me know what you think. Created in Renoise, Mastered in Logic. All but two of the effects in my DSP chains are Renoise Native.

I would love any feedback, especially negative constructive feedback.


nice man , you have nice melodies , i always liked the combination of chiptune and breakcore (aka chipbreak)

few comments: in my opinion if you make ep you should make it coherent and with main leading style , i mean you want chipbreak ep ? fine make all 4 or 5 traks this style , if you want slower tracks it’s fine but it’s more common in LP’s and not in short ep’s (like with dnb album that have few dubstep tracks or breakbeat which are slower and give the listener some “chill” time)

some levels in the last track felt too loud (the synth’s)

that’s it i guess waiting for more to come :)