Firefox 3

Hmmmm…the acid test IS based on the W3 standards right?

1 and 2 are okay…it fails 3, though.

At least FF3 makes it better than IE ;)

Really, I work as a webdesigner and those extra-CSS-Files only for IE6 and IE7 suck. The opera and Firefox make everything “usual” look correct but this bullshit from microsoft costs too much extra development.

Acid3 is the next-gen test that was designed to break all of the current-era browsers, so it’s acceptable for Firefox to fail it for the time being. Both Opera and Webkit (Safari), though, put in a good bit of work right after the test was released to get it to pass, so props to them.

Acid3 isn’t even done yet… they’ve just thrown it up to watch how miserably everything fails :P