Firefox,renoise Web Site.cannot Connect To Server.

i havnt been able to access this site for the past month r so,i always get web page saying,could not connect to server.its only renoise website i have a problem with,everything else works fine.

I’ve been noticing stalling these days.

I opened up my Activity Monitor and the culprit is:

Centralized JS is good in theory…

i got the same problem. sometimes i get in sometimes i dont.

here, its connecting from my provider to to
for nslookup, i see mine and renoise’s ip adress - so everything is fine there

i will check /flushdns when it happens again.

it says server,address,then it says non authoritave answer name address:

i think its working fine now,thx a lot,it was a real pain in the hole bcuz i only managed to get on about twice in the last 2 months.thx again

ok having this problem again,just managed to get on might not be able to was working that day now its gone back to its old ways.renoise is the ONLY site i have a problem with.its frustrating

I occasionally have problems connecting to the site myself (the entire domain). I also use FireFox, but I didn’t think to try other browsers yet, I assumed it was just one of those things where there was a temporary internet problem at some point in the chain. The site always comes back online pretty quickly, so it’s never really been an issue for me.

If it happens, the site really times out… i use firefox too and it sometimes hangs during downloads, but when i get a DNS error or another kind of could-not-connect error, this is definately not a Firefox problem unfortunately.

We really need someone with telnet access to check on the server how many TCP connections are left for dead, yet are still open.
I think this is really the problem which has been a problem last year as well.

im on a friends computer,i still cant open renoise,cannot open homepage or anything to do with this website.i need help because i wont be able to download future versions of renoise,i emphasize that this is THE ONLY site i cannot access???why is this???i wont be able to reply so if neone cud help me plz send me an e-mail!!!i paid for this shit!!!

and also i do have plugins for firefox.fireshot and some other crap…

I don’t want to be a dick, but thousands of us connect to the website just fine…

Stalling is one thing, not being able to connect is another.

Bring your computer to someone who can solve your problem?

When you say you’re on a friend’s computer–were you on a friend’s computer initially, or did you try it on a friend’s computer to see if the same problem would occur there as it did on your own computer?

I’m sure we can all appreciate your frustration here, but please calm down! There is no need to start swearing at the Renoise team over something that they probably cannot do anything about in the first place.

If you can access the site normally from your friend’s house, then it seems like there’s something weird going on with your connection at home, especially since lots of people here on the forum are using FireFox and are able to access the site reliably.

Perhaps there’s some incorrect setting on your router or your firewall, or a strange entry in your hosts file. If you use Windows, open this file in notepad: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (the file has no extension). The contents of the file should normally be several lines of comments, followed by an entry like: localhost. If there is anything in there which looks like it might be related to the Renoise site, then try deleting that entry.

You can also try to flush your DNS cache by going to Start > Run and running the command: ipconfig /flushdns

There’s also a very good chance it could be an anti virus program which is causing it, so if you use an anti virus package such as AVG, Kaspersky, Avast, Norton, etc., which performs any kind of web/link scanning, then try to disable that. You may need to add to some kind of trusted sites list if there is such a feature available. Some anti virus packages can block DNS lookups, which would definitely cause problems if it’s somehow affecting the domain.

What about proxies or anonymous browsing tools such as Tor? If you’re using anything like that, again, try disabling it.

Can you be more specific than “some other crap”? If a plugin could be causing problems, then we really need to know exactly what you are using. If you are using any plugins which are designed to speed up websites such as FasterFox, or plugins which spoof/modify the browser’s headers/agent/etc., or anything else which modifies the normal browsing of websites in any way, try disabling them!

Finally, here is some more comprehensive info from Mozilla themselves:

If he is unable to reach this forum, he won’t be able to read these posts. If someone who has the privileges to send emails to people on the forum could send him that information, I think that would be extremely helpful.

I also think giving him information about how to get rid of spyware/malware/adware/viruses/trojans might be helpful too. SpyBot Search and Destroy (minus teatimer) and Malwarebytes for spyware/malware/adware, and if he doesn’t have an antivirus, Avast Free edition.