as I know that here there are a lot of FireFox users, I ask here:
have you tried FireFox 1.0PR?

I’ve tried on a friend’s PC and I’ve noticed, quite astonished, that the “Find as you type” feature (which lets you search for linked words into a page by typing the word itself) is no more present :huh:

I’ve made a search about this and I’ve not even find anything about this on Mozilla’ site.

Any idea about how this could be replaced?

I never found this feature any useful… But anyway, I recommend waiting for a stable version. Maybe some programmer just screwed something up…

Best feature ever imo. I have it turned off to search for links only. Then it’s like searching but you don’t have to press ctrl+F

First you ofcourse have to enable Find as your Type under Options…->Advanced->Accessibility
And then if you want the old behaviour where it is only searching for links then write about:config in the addressbar and look for the key accessibility.typeaheadfind.linksonly and set it to true ;)
Else you can start your type with an ’ character, that will do the same result…

No functionality is removed from Firefox, the firefox browser infact has all the settings that the mozilla browser has but all “not so commonly used settings for common users” are removed. And most people obviously use find as you type on all type text, not just links…

you saved my day, twilek :drummer:

??? firefox crashed never on my side … i’m using it since version 0.7!!!

Same here. I’ve used it since Naples (Phoenix 0.5) and have not had any major problems with it. IE that is in version 6.0 craches hundred times more often than even Naples did… ;)

btw, isn’t it time to mark this post as [fixed] now ;) :lol:

Actually it just crashed while I was typing a reply on this forum :) (1.0PR) but other then that, I have no problem with crashes… this was only the second time I think.

Btw, for everyone who missed these wonderful extensions for Firefox/Mozilla, take a look at Tabbed extensions and Contextmenu extensions.

My absolutely favorite extensions for Firefox, I can’t live without them :)

anyone knows if the all-in-one gestures extension already is compatible with 1.0pr?

i’m hesitant to install the new firefox cause i couldn’t live with that gestures plugin any more.

Yes, 0.12.4 works with 0.8 - 1.0PR…ouse%20Gestures

CTRL-F, look at the bottom above your status bar ;)

Though i’ve downloaded and installed 1.0PR yesterday and i notice they make changes all the time.

I used to use tabbed extensions to save tab-sessions and using hot-keys to load up tab-sessions.

I couldn’t find the extension on the Firefox site, but they are still updated for Firefox here:…ensions.html.en

Read the whole post, and the rest of the thread ;) He is missing the old kind of Find as you Type… and he also got a solution for it ;)

I don’t know that feature.

What i do know is that the pop-up blocker doesn’t work properly when popups are called from within popups.
And even when i turn off the popup blocker completely, it still blocks popups :blink:

Sounds strange. Maybe a bug. Do you have any example of that? url?

It’s a bug, it’s a bug of the tab-extension i mentioned earlier.
I don’t have the problem if i start firefox with a new profile.
So i now have an extra profile i can use to do tricks without this extension-plugin.