Firewire Audiophile On Mac?

I’m about to take a bite of the Apple, and buy a Mac, for several reasons: web-development work, play etc…and with the new Macbooks that just arrived, the performance is on par with most “PC” configurations. Plus, it’s a great excuse not to upgrade to Vista :slight_smile:

So, my question is this: Have anybody got experience with the Firewire Audiophile on Mac?
I’ve never experienced any problems myself, but I’ve read quite a bit of bad coverage…


I own and use one, it sucks.

Driver support for OS X from m-audio for this specific piece of [hardware] sucks.

Really, i’m too cheap to buy another sound card, but given a do over, never again.

Thanks for the warning mates

Bantai, should have noticed your sig :slight_smile: Personally, I’m connecting through a PCMCIA firewire card, and it works flawlessly. But then it’s the only firewire device that I’ve got connected, after having read horrible tales of burn-out hardware…::shudder::